Titanium TV Alternative: Best Similar Apps Like Titanium TV APK (LIST)

Titanium TV is fast rising towards acquiring the status of Terrarium TV as one of the most popular video-streaming application. After the shutdown of Terrarium TV, several streaming applications came into being to take its place. However, only Titanium TV managed to get close to the status that Terrarium enjoyed. With the aid of Titanium TV, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows, free of cost, on your smartphone and tablet.

Lately, users of Titanium TV are facing several bugs in the application. The developers of Titanium TV are working to fix the same rapidly and very soon an updated version of Titanium TV will come into the picture.

Download Best Titanium TV Alternatives [Updated List 2019]

CyberFlix TV

A dedicated and professional customer support team is the strength of CyberFlix TV. Any kind of issue you happen to come across on CyberFlix, the customer support team will aid and assist you in fixing the same quickly. Moreover, if a particular movie or a TV show is not available in the application, you can place a request for the same with the development team, which will add the same on a priority basis.

download cyberflix tv apk



If you have space constraint on your smartphone or tablet then you can go ahead with BeeTV, as it is a lightweight application. Entire content which BeeTV makes available for you is in high definition. The application doesn’t host any content but it takes the aid and assistance of its partner websites to search for latest content for the user.

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Cinema APK

Cinema APK is another great alternative to Titanium TV. The application has got a no-piracy policy. Hence, you can stay assured that you are not going against the laws while using Cinema APK on your smartphone or tablet. The amazing feature of Cinema APK is its big inventory which houses all the popular and latest movies and TV Shows

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Dream TV

As you can infer from the name, Dream TV is truly a dream come true for users who love to stream their favorite movies and TV shows online. The application uses high-quality servers which imparts it a buffer-free status. You won’t have to face the issue of buffering on Dream TV. However, please note that you require having a good internet connection for the purpose as well.


Morph TV

Morph TV is a clone of the good old Morpheus TV. From where Morpheus TV left us, Morph TV took the lead. Hence, if you were a fan of Morpheus TV, you will, indeed, love Morph TV as it contains the same features as Morpheus TV plus a little more. Please note that the application doesn’t come with any ads. Hence, you get to enjoy a clean and smooth streaming experience on Morph TV.


However, if you cannot wait for the same, the following are the best Titanium TV alternatives which you can try out.

Final Words – Best Titanium TV Alternatives

These were some of the Best Titanium TV alternatives available in the relative market. Let us know in the comments section which alternative you went ahead with and how was your experience using the alternative application.

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