Syncler+ | Worth Upgrading from Syncler & Helios Setup?[TVZion Fork]

Syncler+ | Upgrade the Syncler Experience to S+ on your Android Device: Lately, TVZion APK went offline due to copyright infringement complaints. However, the spot was replaced by Syncler APK App.

Syncler APK - TVZion Alternative
Syncler APK – TVZion Alternative

Syncler, whose fundamental code, is derived from TVZion is not exactly a clone of TVZion. Syncler  app doesn’t come with scrapers or links of its own thereby protecting it from getting any complaints similar to TVZion. In this post, we are going to specifically talk about the premium membership of Syncler that goes by the name Syncler+.

Why Join Syncler+ if already using Syncler?

Most of the readers on this post will already be using Syncler to access content through third-party add-ons and to get information on latest movies and TV shows. The major question for them is as to why they should join Syncler+ and what are the benefits of becoming a S+ member of the platform. Well! Fret not! We have answered the same for you below.

  • As a first, joining Syncler+ means you will get an ad-free experience.
  • If you are having a Debrid Account, then joining Syncler+ is a must for you as you will get access to a whole variety of Debrid utility tools.
  • There are different plans available for Syncler+ starting from using a single account on 5 devices and the plans go till 20 devices. We have shared more details on the pricing plans below in the post.
  • Apart from this, there’s a whole suite of premium features that you will get to enjoy with a S+ subscription. 

Let us have a glance on some of the premium features that you will get with Syncler+ membership. Also, check out – Syncler APK Download on Android Box & Smart TV [Full Guide].

Syncler+ | S+ Membership Premium Features

  • Ad-free experience.
  • Debrid Suite: With S+ membership, you will get access to the entire set of Debrid utility tools viz Debrid Manager, Debrid Cloud Service, and Magnet Picker.
    • Debrid Manager > With the manager, you can manage all the Debrid services in Syncler+ itself viz cloud search, adding magnet links, and much more. This means you can manage your Debrid content directly on the Syncler app. Using Syncler, you can directly look up for content via your Debrid account and it will be listed thereafter directly in sources without having to look onto it again.
    • Debrid Cloud > You will be able to watch content present on your Debrid cloud directly on Syncler+. The entire content will be visible under the source list for easy access. Please note that you have to enable Debrid Cloud first from the manager.
    • Debrid Cache Streaming > Directly stream content in the application from Debrid Cache. Along with this you will get Debrid Cache season pack support as well. You can stream high-quality uncompressed content directly from Debrid cache without actually downloading the same. This means your content will be accessed directly from the Debrid-servers itself.
  • Cached Torrent Priority > With the help of this feature, you can put up cached torrent links as high priority thereby getting high-quality cached torrent links without putting in any kind of additional wait time.
  • Advanced Meta Data Detection > When you are playing a link on Syncler+, you will get all the information right away viz resolution, bitrate, and more. This will enable you to choose the best link for playback.
  • Source Filtering > With the help of source filtering, you can filter the sources on the basis of bitrate, quality, playback time, and more.
  • Better Auto play > With the assistance of the above-mentioned source-filtering feature, auto play becomes much better as you will be able to directly play what you want to watch.

   Download Syncler APK

Syncler App UI on Android
Syncler App UI on Android

Please note that the Debrid services supported are Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and All Debrid. Also, check out – Syncler APK Download on FireStick, Fire TV & Fire TV Cube [Full Guide].

Join Syncler+ | Pricing Plans

Below table highlights the different pricing plans for joining Syncler+.

PersonalFamilyFriend and FamilyUltimate
5 Devices10 Devices15 Devices20 Devices
6$ for 4 months ($1.5/mo)10$ for 4 months ($2.5/mo)15$ for 4 months ($3.75/mo)20$ for 4 months 


10$ for 8 months ($1.25/mo)17$ for 8 months ($2/mo)27$ for 8 months ($3.37/mo)33$ for 8 months ($4.1/mo)
15$ for 12 months ($1.25/mo)$25 for 12 months ($2.00/mo)40$ for 12 months ($3.33/mo)49$ for 12 months ($4.00/mo)
Syncler+ App Pricing Schemes
Syncler+ App Pricing Schemes

How to Install Helios Providers on Syncler+?

If you have the info on your Helios Provider, you can follow the below steps to install the same on Syncler.

  • Please note that you need to have Syncler+ subscription for this.
  • Activate Syncler+ Open sub menu >> Syncler+ >> enter code “S+” without the quotes.
  • Launch Syncler and navigate to Settings > Provider Packages > Install > Helios.

Detailed Note: Using Helios for links Open sub menu – Settings – Provider packages – Helios (install a Helios source provider package) – follow the onscreen guide – copy and paste the links below making sure there is a gap between each link (use the enter key) – go back to the app and there should be 4 packages showing under Helios packages

Copy these links

Link real debrid and trakt as normal and you’re good to go!.

  • Simple on-screen instructions will come up on your screen. Follow the same and get Helios installed.

    Syncler App - TVZion App Clone UI
    Syncler App – TVZion App Clone UI

Must check guides:

Conclusion – Syncler+ | Syncler Plus (S+) Membership

That was all regarding the premium Syncler+ membership. If you have further questions to ask, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will be happy to help you.

Thank You.

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