Nekkoto APK Latest Download on Android [AniKo Invite]

All anime lovers out there need no introduction to the Ani-Ko (Anime Molecules) application that allows you to stream episodes from popular as well as the latest anime series for free on your Android device.

AniKo APK has gone through a complete revamp now and goes by the name Nekkoto APK. Hailed as a community for all anime enthusiasts out there, let us check out how you can get Nekkoto App APK on Android mobile devices. Check out: Full Guide on Syncler+ Setup [TVZion Fork UPGRADE].

Nekkoto APK (Ani-Ko Revamped) | What’s New?

The features of Nekkoto aka Aniko APK remains more or less the same. However, unlike the previous AnimeMolecules, Nekkoto APK comes with an invite-only platform. So, if you don’t possess an invite key, you won’t be able to register on the application.

  • Powerful Artificial Intelligence at the Back

Behind the amazing UI of the Nekkoto application, a powerful AI system is running which recognizes your anime watching pattern, based on which, it provides suggestions. Also, AI reduces the amount of data consumed by the Nekkoto Android app.

  • Incredible Inventory

The application holds all popular as well as the latest anime. Just you require installing Nekkoto Free Anime APK on your Android device to stream the latest episodes of all popular anime series as well as movies.

  • Track List & Bookmarks

The application keeps track of the anime content you are streaming. Also, you can bookmark any anime series or movie so that you don’t have to go through the entire search process once again.

  • Effortless to Use

The user interface of the application is so simple that it makes Nekkoto APK effortless to use even for first-time users.

  • Request an Anime

Though chances are rare if it so happens that you are unable to locate a particular anime content on the application, you can always use the ‘Request an Anime’ feature of the application. Through this amazing feature, you can let the development team know that the anime that you wish to stream is missing from the application and they will add the same on a priority basis.

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Download Nekkoto APK on Android Devices for Free

  • As you already know, prior to initiating the process to install a third-party application, you require activating the option of Allow Apps from Unknown Sources from the Security Settings of your Android device.
  • Next, please download the Nekkoto Latest App APK file on your Android device. For your convenience, we have embedded the link to download the same below.

   Nekkoto APK

  • After the download is complete, please launch the APK file from the pull-down notification menu to start with the installation procedure.

Install Nekkoto APK

  • A Play Protect warning will come up. Simply expand the dialog box and tap on Install Anyway.

Nekkoto APK installed

  • In less than a minute, the installation will complete and you will have the icon of Nekkoto APK present on the home screen of your Android device as well as the app drawer.

Nekkoto APK

How to get Invite Keys of Nekotto APK?

As mentioned above, you require an invite key to register for the Nekkoto Anime Community. Please drop us your email in the comments section provided below and we will provide you with the invite key thereby assisting you in Nekkoto Registration.

Post-registration, you can provide your invite key to your friends thereby helping them as well in the registration process. Check the below-given keys once:




Please note that we will select emails from the comments section at random to send the invite keys.

Nekkoto APK | Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – How can I download anime from Nekkoto APK?

To download anime content from the Nekkoto platform, you require to be a donator. Though streaming and download are free on the application, since downloading increases the server load, the developers provide downloading facilities only to their regular donators.

Q – Does Nekkoto has anime in HD?

Yes! You can watch anime series in a resolution up to 720p HD and movies up to 1080p HD on Nekkoto on your Android device.

Q – Is dubbed anime available on Nekkoto?

Only a few popular anime will be dubbed on Nekkoto, rest all are available in their original language with subtitles.

Q – How to report an issue in Nekkoto application?

Through the app itself, via the last tab, you can report any bugs/issues in the Nekkoto application.

Q – Is Nekkoto ad-free?

Yes! The platform is ad-free.

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Conclusion – Nekkoto APK Download on Android

That’s all regarding the amazing Nekkoto Anime Community app on Android. If you face any issues in installing or registering on the application, please drop us a note in the comments section provided below. Feel free to ask questions if any.

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