MOTV APK Download on Android (LATEST VERSION)

Are you bored of watching the same old TV shows on your conventional TV sets? Here, we introduce to you, MOTV APK for Android devices. It is a live TV streaming app that offers you the best TV channels for free on Android. The app has hundreds of channels from different parts of the world. You can enjoy TV shows, entertainment, and channels from many different languages within just a few clicks. With MOTV APK on Android, you will be able to watch more channels than ever.

The latest MOTV APK has the best database with international and regional TV channels. You can stream them wherever you are. This app provides you with the best streaming services, that too for free. In this article, we have shared a simple way to download MOTV APK on Android devices for free. The process is simple and safe. You will get to know more about the app in the coming sections.

MOTV APK – Killer Features

MOTV APK for Android is the most downloaded IPTV app in the market right now. The app has amazing features, and offer streaming services like never before. You can find many unique options in the app. Here are some features of the latest MOTV APK.

  • The app has a huge library of TV channels from different regions of the world.
  • You can choose from a well-organized array of channels based on the genre you like.
  • It offers all the TV channels in HD resolution.
  • There is an inbuilt video player that lets you stream them in the best quality.
  • The app is completely free of cost.
  • The app has an amazing user interface that is simple and easy to operate.
  • You can find regular updates on the app and contents.

MOTV APK is all you need to enjoy your free time. Now, you can watch your favorite TV shows no matter wherever you are. There is no need to stick to the TV sets forever.

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Download and Install MOTV APK on Android 

If you love watching TV shows, MOTV APK is a must-have on your Android devices. The app is free and shows amazing performance on your devices. You can follow the instructions given below to download MOTV APK on Android devices for free.

  • First, you have to open the Settings on Android and go to the Security option.
  • You need to tap on the Unknown Sources option and enable it.
  • Go to the browser and open the URL provided below to get the download page of MOTV.
  • You need to hit the Download button to get the MOTV APK file.


  • Tap on the file and you will receive a confirmation window.


  • Choose Allow to give the app permissions and then tap on Install to get the app.


Now, you have successfully downloaded MOTV APK on Android. You can choose your favorite channel and watch them for free.

Why is MOTV APK the best?

MOTV APK for Android has gained popularity within a short span mainly because of the content they provide. You can find more than 5000 TV channels and shows in the app that is open to all. The app offers amazing streaming options on Android. The latest MOTV App has the best channel library. You can also get new updates on the app in the easiest way.


The UI of MOTV APK gives an enhanced user experience on Android devices.

MOTV APK on Android | FAQs

Is MOTV APK free to use?

Of course, yes. You can now access worldwide channels and TV shows in the best HD resolution for free using MOTV APK on Android.

Can you cast videos from MOTV APK?

MOTV App offers support for casting apps like Chromecast, DLNA, etc that let the users cast videos to different screens easily.

Is MOTV APK safe?

Yes, MOTV APK for Android is completely safe. The app shows amazing performance and does not require rooting the device to download it. All potential errors and bugs are removed by the developers so that you can enjoy uninterrupted services.

What are the channels you can find in MOTV APK?

In MOTV APK for Android, you can find TV channels from different languages. There are international channels as well that are legally provided in the app. It has TV channels from various genres including sports, movies, kids, travel, news, etc.

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MOTV APK Download on Android – Conclusion

MOTV APK is the best app for Android and gives the whole TV entertainment world on your devices. You can stream live TV from any part of the world. The app provides more TV channels than ever. All you have to do is to download MOTV APK on Android.

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