[FIX] Titanium TV No Connection, No Video, No Data Available Errors

If you love watching movies and TV shows, you must be familiar with Titanium TV, which, as of now, is one of the most popular application to stream latest movies and TV shows on your Android smartphone. The application enjoys a massive user base due to the quick availability of the latest content and professional customer service.

However, lately, Titanium TV users are experiencing a host of different errors like No Connection/Video Not Available, No Data/Data Links Available, etc. But, you do not need to worry as, in this post; we are going to share with you the solutions to fix these errors.

Titanium TV Video Not Available/No Connection Error [FIX]

This is a pretty common error reported by a majority of the users of Titanium TV. If you are facing the same, continue reading ahead to know the fix.

  • A vast majority of the times, this error comes up if you are not using the latest version of the application. Check out the same and if an update is available, proceed with the same.
  • However, if updating doesn’t work then it means the error has come up from the server side. In this case, you can’t do anything else other than waiting since the server side itself is experiencing heavy traffic.
  • Another case might be that you are facing internet connectivity issues. A high-speed internet connection is a must to stream the latest movies and TV shows in HD. Please check the speed of your internet connection.
  • In still another case, ‘Video Not Available’ error indicates that the video itself is not present in your geographic region for playback. In order to watch such content, you require subscribing to and installing a good VPN service.

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Titanium TV Stopped Working Issue Error [FIX]

If your application stops working all of a sudden then clearing the cache is advisable. Launch ‘Settings’ on your Android smartphone and head to ‘Apps and Notifications.’ Locate Titanium TV and tap on ‘Storage’ option.

Titanium TV Crashing Issue Fix

Tap on ‘Clear Cache, ‘close all the windows, and launch the application again.

Titanium TV No Data Available/No Data Links Available Error [FIX]

  • In this case also, initially, you can try clearing the cache. If the same doesn’t work then try altering the DNS Settings of the application. However, make sure you have complete knowledge of the impact of altering the DNS before modifying the same.

INSTALL VPN on your device

  • Sometimes ad blockers are the culprit behind No Data Available error. Try disabling the ad blocker and see if the error continues to come.
  • If none of the above works, then go ahead and install VPN on your Android smartphone as sometimes the content itself might be restricted in your region.

Titanium TV Not Streaming/Not Playing Error [FIX]

Majority of the times this error crops up when you update your application to the latest version. It might be the case that your smartphone hardware/software configuration is not compatible with the latest version.


In this case, please go ahead, downgrade your application to the prior version, and refrain from updating the same.

Final Words – [FIX] Titanium TV Not Streaming/ No Data Links Available Errors

These were the steps to fix common issues faced by the users of Titanium TV. In case, you are facing a different issue, which is not present in this post, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will look into the same on a priority basis.

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  1. hi I have just download titanium tv on my ebox all seems ok but i get ‘no links available’ message, on absolutely everything i selected to watch

    1. Same issue. Was fine for.months then all of a sudde non of my.fsvourites will play or even episodes I jut watched

    1. Tried clearing cache, rebooting firestick and uninstalling/ reinstalled app. Still having download issues. IF video happens to load its not without buffering. Is there something wrong with the app? Am I missing an updated download link I don’t know about?

  2. Also showing no movies, shows no problem. tried dif source download to re install and cleared cache, rebooted fire stick.

  3. No data error for movies and no data error trying to look up any seasons for TV. Cleared cache and reinstalled app

  4. The links don’t match the film. For example Christine 1983 has links that are for the Christine movie that came out in 2016?

  5. Just downloaded the app and it says unknown error occurred no data deleted the app and reinstalled it but that is not fixing the problem … what should I do

    1. Hi, the app won’t update, when I try to reinstall it acts like it will work but as the progress bar gets to around 80%, it stops and says not installed. I also get this little package installer thing pop up that I don’t remember seeing before. I have the unknown sources allowed, cleared the cache. Now what?

  6. All the shows I watch work fine, except 1. I haven’t been able to get a link to watch The Fosters from season 4 episode onwards 😥

  7. TV programs when FINALLY CAST it’s a 46 second clip of a feeding frenzy at sea – sharks, seagulls, dolphins, herrings and then finally a large whale and that’s it! But it posts the proper season and # of episode! 4 different tv programs!

  8. Was working fine then 1week ago cannot get links for either TV or movies? Have cleared cache, re booted android box etc etc. still no joy??

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