[Fix]Titanium TV Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors

Streaming applications are trending nowadays.  Almost, every week, we have a new streaming application coming up. Out of all of these streaming applications, a few get to enjoy a massive user base. Titanium TV is one of these applications.

Developed on the lines of Terrarium TV APK, Titanium TV has all the features that you will want from an online streaming application catering towards the latest movies and TV shows. However, lately, users are reporting crashing issues, subtitles error, Real Debrid issues, and Buffering/Not Installing issues with Titanium TV. In this post, we are going to discuss the same and provide working solutions for them.

Titanium TV Crashing Issue Fix

If you are facing crashing issue with Titanium TV upon launching, head over to Settings -> Apps -> Titanium TV and tap on ‘Clear Cache.’

Next, reboot your Android smartphone and try launching the application again. Hopefully! It won’t crash now.

Titanium TV Crashing Issue Fix

In another case, if you are facing crashing issue upon launching a particular movie/TV Show, it might be the case that the particular content is not available for playback in your geographic region. In such cases, install a good VPN service and try accessing the same content again.

Titanium TV Subtitles Error (FIX)

If upon playing a particular video, you are not able to view the subtitles for the same, try changing your default player.

Usually, this error crops up when the default video player is facing some issues. Hopefully! By changing the player you will get to view the subtitles again.

Titanium TV Not Installing/Unable to Install Error (FIX)

The most probable reason behind Titanium TV not installing error is that you are not following the installation steps correctly. Please click here “How to Install Titanium TV to check out the correct steps and try installing Titanium TV once again.

Titanium TV buffer issues fix

For buffering issues, the issue, usually, lies in your internet connectivity. Check out the speed of your internet connection and if the same is down, please contact your ISP. Now, it may happen that your ISP is intentionally blocking the access of Titanium TV to the internet. In such cases, we recommend installing a good VPN service and make your streaming anonymous.

If you have an Ad Blocker installed, disable the same as sometimes Ad Blockers might prevent Titanium TV from accessing the internet.

In another case, the server of the application might be down. In this case, you can’t do anything much other than waiting for a few hours. Usually, the server will come up in a few minutes.

Titanium TV Real-Debrid Issue (FIX)

For Real Debrid Issue, simply uninstall the application and shut down your device. After a few minutes, switch on your smartphone and reinstall Titanium TV. This will refresh the application and you won’t have to face the Real-Debrid issue again.

FIX Titanium TV Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors

These were the steps to fix common issues faced by the users of Titanium TV. In case, you are facing any other issue, which is not discussed in this post, you can let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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  1. have problems with subs 6 o`clock in the afternoon tried watching GOT but had to attend to my childrem for a few hours hoping i could watch it later ,later the video did download fine but with no subs in any link . I also have some ind of problem with audio links from 720, HD, 1080 audio quality very low if i use links below 720 audio is better but not best quality . Thank you in advace

  2. the Titanium TV v2.0.16 APK crashed on my MINIX when starting up after installation. clear cache does. Not fix the crashing issue. any help appreciated.

  3. Tried using it on Nox and it the app does not start. I click on Titanium TV in Nox and I get, Unfortunately, Titanium Tv has stopped.

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