[Fix] CineHub Not Working, No Data/Links, Crashing, Subtitles & All Errors

CineHub APK is leading the race of popularity as far as third-party streaming applications are concerned. The multi-platform compatibility of CineHub is one of the primary reasons behind its escalating popularity. The app runs on Android devices, Firestick/Fire TV, iOS, Roku, Smart TV, and even on Windows/MAC PC. However, every application, for a substantial period, after their initial launch, have to face a fair share of bugs, errors, and other issues.

CineHub, currently, is going through the same phase. A majority of the errors/issues reported by the users of CineHub can be fixed easily in simple steps. In this post, we have laid down all the errors, bugs, and issues reported by the users along with the resolution steps. Check Out: Typhoon TV APK Download on Android.

Fix CineHub APK Video Not Working / No Connection, Server Not Available Error

Users who are witnessing video not working, no connection, or server error on CineHub APK, please check out the following solutions.

  • If there’s an update available for CineHub App APK, make sure you update your application to the latest available version. This will put an end to all the connection issues that you are facing.


  • In the case of a No Connection error, please make sure that the internet connection on your side is working properly. HD videos require a good internet connection for playback.
  • Video Not Available error indicates that the video that you are trying to play is not available for playback in the geographic region that you are currently residing in. To bypass this error, you require subscribing to a good VPN service.
  • If nothing from the above works, it indicates that the origin of the error is from the server-side. In this case, you really can’t do anything other than waiting for a significant period of time. The server might be going through heavy traffic and isn’t able to cope up with the same.

Fix CineHub APK Suddenly Stopped Working Issue

For this issue, you require clearing the cache on your Android mobile device.

  • On your Android mobile device, navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > CineHub and tap on the Storage option. You can spot the option of Clear Cache here.


  • Tap on the same, exit the application and re-launch it.

Fix CineHub No Data Available/ No Data Links Available Error

  • Clearing the cache like mentioned above can work sometimes in this case.
  • Sometimes the issue lies in the IP address, so you need to modify the DNS Address in this case. However, make sure you have enough info on how DNS works before proceeding with this.
  • Disabling the ad-blockers can also fix this issue.
  • If none of the above works, it means that the video that you are trying to play is not available for playback in the geographic region that you are currently residing in. To bypass this error, you require subscribing to a good VPN service.

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Fix CineHub Not Streaming/ Not Playing/Crashing Issue

  • If you are facing this issue after updating the application to the latest version, it means the latest version is not compatible with the current specs of your mobile device. Hence, to resolve the issue, you require downgrading the version of CineHub APK to the one before the update. Please do not update the application after downgrading.

Fix CineHub Subtitles Not Coming/Not Working Error

To play content with subtitles on CineHub APK, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Launch CineHub APK and locate the content that you wish to play.
  • Instead of selecting the option Play, please select Play with Subtitles.



  • A list of subtitles in various languages will come up. Tap on English from the list.

If you aren’t seeing the option Play with Subtitles, select ‘Yes Player’ or ‘MX Player’ as the default player.

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Fix CineHub Application Not Getting Installed Issue

If you are unable to install the CineHub APK, it means you aren’t following the correct installation steps. For your convenience, we have provided the links to the installation guide of CineHub below. Tap on the links to check out the installation steps.

Install CineHub APK on FireStick & Fire TV (Official).

CineHub APK Download on Android (LATEST VERSION)

Fix CineHub Buffering Issues

If you are facing buffering issues then any one of the following two things could be the culprit.

  • Check your internet connection. Please note that you need a high-speed internet connection for streaming HD links without buffering.
  • If your internet connection is fine, it means your ISP is behind the buffering issues. Your ISP could be blocking your access to CineHub. In this case, simply subscribe to a good VPN service to prevent your ISP from monitoring your internet traffic.

Fix CineHub Real-Debrid Issues

All kinds of Real-Debrid issues can be fixed by simply uninstalling the application and thereafter reinstalling the same post rebooting your device.

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CineHub Not Working, No Data/Links, Crashing, Subtitles & All Errors – FIX

These were the common errors, bugs, and issues being faced by the users of CineHub App APK. If you are facing a different issue that’s not mentioned in this post, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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  1. Cinehub keeps saying this episode isn’t available right now for every single movie and television I press . Even if I press a random movie it doesn’t work it says,”Episode not found . We are sorry for this inconvenience.’’ I don’t know what to do and I don’t know how to fix this . Can u pls give a suggestion/advice to fix this,or any solution?

  2. ”Episode not found . We are sorry for this inconvenience.’’ How to fix this????
    (December 29, 2020)… All movies and series is like that, I can’t play even a single one :(((

  3. Not working when i download the movie please fix it i can download movie please fix this please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Even using a good vpn, I can’t download the content. But I can play every content. I don’t like to stream the videos because they buffer. I always download them to no face this problem. If there was a solution, it would be good.

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