Install CineHub APK on FireStick & Fire TV (Official)

Firestick/Fire TV devices from Amazon have revolutionized the way we watch movies/TV series in our homes. It allows you to stream content on the big screen of your television from apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and more. The biggest benefit is that a plethora of third-party streaming apps is compatible with Firestick as well.

In this post, we are going to talk about one such third-party streaming application that goes by the name of CineHub APK. Continue reading to know more about CineHub and how to install CineHub on Firestick/Fire TV.  Check out: MOTV APK Download on Android (LATEST VERSION).

CineHub APK on Firestick -Features:

Of course, with a variety of streaming apps available, you will be interested to know why CineHub is one of the ideal candidates to be installed on a Firestick. Well! The following list of features has the answer that you seek.

  • The database of CineHub is huge. There’s hardly a chance that you won’t find a particular title on CineHub. Moreover, the app receives consistent updates in the form of new content.
  • The titles available on CineHub are in HD and come with multiple streaming links. So, in case a link for a particular title isn’t working; you can always check out the title via the second link and so on. In short, the entertainment never has to be stopped on CineHub.
  • You don’t have to get into the hassles of installing a third-party player as the internal video player of CineHub is powerful enough to play all the video formats.

These three amazing features make CineHub a must-have application on Firestick device if you are interested in streaming movies and TV series. Before you initiate the installation of CineHub on Firestick, please take care of the following prerequisite.

CineHub on Firestick – Toggle ON Unknown Sources

CineHub is a third-party app. Hence, prior to initiating the installation, make sure you toggle ON the option of Unknown Sources on your Firestick.

  • From the home screen of your Firestick, navigate to Settings > My Fire TV.

click my fire tv

  • Tap on Developer Options.

choose developer options

  • Tap on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from unknown sources

  • Next, when your Firestick device pops-up a confirmation screen, please tap on Turn ON button.

turn on the unknown sources

Install CineHub APK on Firestick [STEPS]

  • From the home screen of your Firestick device, please tap on the Search icon. You can easily spot the magnifying glass Search icon on the home screen.

hover to the search icon

  • Via the search screen, please conduct a search for Downloader app.

type in downloader

  • Search results will populate in front of you. To make it easier for you to spot the application please note that the Downloader app will have an orange-colored download icon.

click the downloader app

  • Please download and install Downloader app on Firestick.

click download

  • After a successful installation, please launch Downloader app.

launch downloader

  • When the app asks for permission to access photos, media, and files on your device, please tap on Allow.

tap on allow and continue

  • In the Downloader app, from the menu options available on the left, please go to Settings and enable JavaScript.
  • Next, please go to Home option in the Downloader app, and in the URL field, please enter the following address.


enter url firestick

  • Tap on Go.
  • This will download the CineHub APK file on your Firestick/Fire TV. Please wait for the download to finish.

complete the download process

  • Once the download is over, a screen will come up asking you whether you wish to install CineHub on Firestick. Please tap on Install.
  • Post successful installation, an App Installed notification will come up. Please tap on ‘Done’ to exit the screen.
  • Next, your Firestick will ask whether you wish to delete the CineHub APK File. Please go ahead and tap on Delete and thereafter hit Delete one more time.
  • This step is not mandatory, however, we recommend deleting the APK after the successful installation as the Firestick devices come with limited space.

launch cinehub apk

That’s it! You have successfully installed CineHub App on Firestick & Fire TV.

CineHub APK on Firestick – #FAQs

Q – Is CineHub a free application?

Yes! CineHub APK is a free application with no hidden charges or in-app purchases.

Q – Does CineHub comes with ads?

CineHub APK doesn’t have ads and that makes it more than an ideal candidate for Firestick.

Q – Do we need a VPN to stream via CineHub?

We do recommend subscribing to a paid VPN Service before initiating streaming on CineHub as you can never know when you are streaming copyrighted or content from outside the public domain.

Q – Why can’t I simply stream content to the TV via Chromecast?

CineHub is compatible with Chromecast. So, those who don’t own a Firestick; they can use the Chromecast compatibility to stream content from CineHub on TV.

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Install CineHub APK on Firestick – Conclusion

That’s all regarding the installation of CineHub APK on Firestick. If you have any questions regarding installation or usage of the application, please reach out to us via the comments section provided below.

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  1. When I open the app on Firestick 4K, the logo is half missing at the top of the screen, it’s all stretched out and the curser isn’t responding correctly. It?s asking me to update, but when I click on it I can’t seem to accomplish the task.

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